The Auction Process


Please find all information regarding the auction process below.

The following steps are parts of the Terms and Conditions.


All bidders must register before placing bids with Rosé Online Auction.

To register online, bidders should select the Register link on the upper right corner of Rosé Auction’s website.
On our secure server, registrants will submit their contact information and will be asked to choose a Bidder ID. The Bidder ID will be visible to others browsing the site and should not identify the bidder by name or by any other symbol or abbreviation. The Auction Site will not tolerate Bidder ID-s that are offensive or insulting.
All registration information is kept strictly confidential and secure. (You can find our privacy policy here)

Bidders must register for each auction in which they wish to participate.

It is the bidder’s responsibility to keep his or her registration information and preferences up to date and correct. To make changes to an existing registration, click the Edit Profile link at the top of the Rosé Auction  website.
Please note: Rosé Ltd. reserves the right to refuse the registration of any bidder at any time.


To place a bid, the bidder should find the online catalog page for the relevant lot and click the Place a Bid button. By default, the amount of the bid will be the current bid plus the appropriate auction increment (see Bidding Increments). If no bids have been placed, the default amount is the opening bid. The bidder will be prompted for his or her Bidder ID and password. After clicking Submit Bid, the bidder will receive an email confirming the amount of his or her bid. If another bidder should bid higher than this amount, the first bidder will receive an outbid notice by email.

Proxy bids
A proxy bid is similar to a left bid in a traditional auction and allows bidders extra flexibility in the bidding process. By placing a proxy bid, a bidder sets a maximum amount that he or she is willing to spend and enables the auction software to execute bids as necessary on his or her behalf. The auction software will place an initial bid (one increment above the current bid) and then wait. If a challenging bid is placed by another bidder, the auction software will automatically execute a bid on behalf of the original proxy bid (again, one increment above the current bid). The auction software attempts to place as few bids as possible in order to keep the bid amount as low as possible. Under no circumstances will the auction software exceed the amount of a proxy bid. Furthermore, a proxy bid is strictly confidential and is encrypted securely in the auction software.
To place a proxy bid, the bidder should find the online catalog page for the relevant lot and select the Place Proxy Bid button. After selecting a proxy bid amount from the drop-down list, the bidder is asked to confirm his or her Bidder ID and password. The bidder will then receive an email confirming that a proxy bid has been placed. If the maximum amount of the proxy bid is ever exceeded, the bidder will receive an outbid notice by email. Please note: Proxy bids may not be adjusted after they have been placed.

Bidding increments:
Bidding will be conducted according to the following increments.
All prices are in Hungarian Forint.

Actual price:                              Increments:

0-50000 Ft                                 2500 Ft

50000-100000 Ft                     5000 Ft

100000-300000 Ft                  10000 Ft

300000-800000 Ft                 20000 Ft

800000-1200000 Ft               40000 Ft

1200000-1500000Ft           50000 Ft

1500000-2000000 Ft           75000 Ft

2000000-3500000 Ft         100000 Ft

3500000-5000000Ft          150000 Ft

5000000-7000000Ft          200000 Ft

7000000-10000000 Ft       300000 Ft

10.000.000 felett                 500000 Ft

Bidding History
The Auction Website provides detailed and current bidding history for all lots. The bidding history details the time and date, Bidder ID, and amount of each bid.

Auto-extend Feature
If there is active bidding within the last 20 minutes of a particular lot’s published ending time, the ending time will automatically extend for 20 minutes. This is done as a courtesy to the recently out-bid bidder. The ending time for this lot will continue to extend indefinitely for as long as there is active bidding.

Reserve Price
When the reserve for a lot is met or exceeded, it is indicated on the Auction List Screen, with the color codes. (Purple=Reserve Not Met, Gray=Reserve Met)

All items will be available for viewing and trial by booking an appointment on the Auction Site.
You can do this by clicking on the desired date and time on the booking page. Or book an appointment by phone: +35/1-353-30-20
The locaton of the viewing is: 1065 Budapest. Hajós u. 9. HUNGARY.

Potential bidders are encouraged to try the instruments before bidding on it.

We can only provide max. 4. instruments for one chosen date and time.
The last you can book an appointment is before 24 hours of the desired time of the trial.


The high bidder at the closing time of each lot will be emailed a successful bid confirmation detailing the lot number, description, and final bid amount. Within 3 workdays of the close of the sale, bidders will be contacted by our colleagues to discuss the details of the payment and the delivery of the items.

Buyer's Premium
For each Lot purchased, the Purchaser shall pay to RoséAuction a Buyer’s Premium equal to 10 percent (10%) of the total purchase price.
The Premium includes 27% VAT, no additional tax will be added to the Premium.
During the auction process, the final price including the Premium is displayed on the Lot's page.

The Purchaser must make full payment of the purchase price -including the Buyer's Premium - to Rosé Auction, plus  all charges associated with shipping (including insurance), no later than seven (7) working days after the close of bidding.

Payment will be accepted in any of the following methods: wire transfer, or cash.
-In our store: With cash
-With direct wire transfer to our bank account

No Lot will be released and no title to any Lot will be transferred until full payment is received by Rosé Auction.
Rosé Auction may impose, and Purchaser agrees to pay, a monthly interest charge of three per cent (3%) of the total purchase price of any Lot not paid by the Purchaser within fifteen (15) days after the date of sale. The interest is calculated on a daily basis.


The high bidders can pick up the Lots personally at the Rosé Instrument Store (1065 Budapest, Hajós u. 9. HUNGARY) after the item has been fully paid.
The Rosé Ltd. will provide shipping, or helps the customer arrange shipping, in case the customer ask for this service.

All the shipping costs (including insurance costs) are charged to the buyer.

In case the shipping is arranged by the customer, under no circumstance will Rosé Auction be responsible for damage to lots incurred during shipment to purchaser.